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From nearly every room in Maryland’s most expensive home, you can watch the sunset over the Potomac River.

“It was built kind of like a replica of [the owner’s] grandmother’s house, which was in Lookout Mountain over Chattanooga, and he built it wanting it to look like that house, using the same sort of bricks,” says listing agent Sassy Jacobs. “Every room has these incredible views. It looks west, so it gets a sunset where all the Virginia houses look east, so it’s a really unique property.”

The grand home on MacArthur Boulevard in Bethesda, MD, is on the market for $17.5 million, which makes it the priciest property currently available in all of Maryland. It was also a challenge to come up with a proper price.

“It’s hard to comp out this house because there’s no other house like it on this side of the river,” Jacobs explains. “The house is incredible, but where it is situated is why it is priced [the way] it is.”

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