Buying a home is one of the largest and most important purchases you’ll ever make. Understanding all you can about the process will help make a more informed decision and one you can feel good about for years.

I want my customers to not only love the buying experience but their home for years to come. To truly understand the home buying process there are few tips I want all my clients to know before jumping in to the real estate world.

Before looking at any homes I suggest that all of my clients be preapproved for a home loan if they are not paying cash. If you plan on financing a home, you’ll want to talk to a lender about not only being prequalified for a home loan but the loan commitment as well. Alone preapproval simply means that you’ve discussed all of your credit history, income, assets, and liabilities with a lender to determine the right price range in which you can purchase a home. However, if things change between the time you were preapproved and the time you close on your home, you could risk losing the home or changing your interest rate or fees. A loan commitment finalizes closer to the closing and will ensure that everything is up to par and ready to go for closing. I always recommend to all of my clients not to make any large purchases or obtain any new debt between the time they’ve spoken with the lender and the time the close on the home.

Know what you want

Make sure you really know what you want in a home. This is more than simply how many bedrooms or bathrooms the property might possess. This is truly getting down to the needs, wants and things you may or may not tolerate in a property. Do you prefer a fenced backyard? Are you looking for a swimming pool? Do you prefer an outdoor entertainment area? Are you looking for over 3000 ft.² or under 1500 ft.²? Do you prefer to be in a specific gated community? Are you looking to be within a specific school zone or district? All of these details can help narrow down the property search to home that really meets your search criteria, budget and needs.

Work with a buyer’s agent

A buyer’s agent specifically works only with buyers during the transaction. While all licensed real estate agents and brokers can legally buy and sell property, a buyer’s agent is

someone working on your side throughout the transaction. Your needs, priorities and negotiating strategies are kept confidential to the you get the home you want for the price you need. A buyer’s agent is completely free for the buyer and you have the peace of mind knowing that that agent is working to get you the best deal, not just sell a particular property.

I want all of my clients to be happy, satisfied and excited to refer me for years to come. If you’re ready to get started on any one of these steps, contact me today. As an expert in central Florida real estate I can help you find the right home for your needs and your budget.

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