Buying Commercial Property

Commercial property is quite different from residential. Because I deal with both residential and commercial, I have the best experience from both worlds. Commercial is not something to take lightly and it does require additional education, research and experience.
Many commercial property buyers can be a little bit overwhelmed, especially if this is your first time purchasing commercial property.

Understanding the market, the location, the financing and the long-term effects of the real estate are all taken into account when choosing the right property. There are many more things to consider with the commercial purchase and with residential. Lenders want to know about vacancies, depreciation, and there are more qualifications for applying when applying for a home loan. Lending standards are stricter when it comes to commercial property.

You’ll also want to go with a real estate agent that is proficient in commercial property. You typically will not find part-time commercial Realtors. There is more corporate professionalism where commercial real estate is concerned.

Whether you are looking for a large company building, headquarters, apartment complex, high-rise building, or smaller mom-and-pop shop, going with a commercial real estate agent is essential to negotiating for your terms and your price. Because I know this area well and run in commercial real estate circles, I can help you find the right property for your needs and your business. Contact me today and let’s get started finding the perfect commercial property for your business.

Nikki Songie

Nikki Songie

Managing Broker

I am so happy to be able to share my 16 years of experience in real estate sales and marketing with you. As Central Florida continues to grow, I have committed myself and my brokerage to staying up to date with the ongoing changes in the Real Estate Market. I am excited about the future and would love to partner with you to achieve success in your Real Estate transaction. Whether you participate in our Dream Home Finder Program or take advantage of our Award Winning Listing Service, I am here to listen and provide a service that is customized to you.

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